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The basis of the project is a book called «Lili Dupre. On the verge of reality.». But the works are divided into three parts, each of which supports each other:
  • Creating a literary work;
  • Painting based on the plot of the book;
  • Video and photo shooting, design of objects from the book.
This is one global idea covering all aspects of creative thought. The idea maximally reveals the notion of «Imagination Game».
Surikov Andrey / Project author
Yes, I'm trying to write a book... just as once done by Dante, Hesse, and Goethe... It feels like I've been writing all my life. Although great work has already been done, still, there is more ahead. There is a need to know a lot of things. And what is more important is... ... The most important is how I will do it, how I do it. What depth of work!
Elizabeth / Leading
Master of Arts and Science. And also an underground alchemist.
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