Yes, I'm trying to write a book... just as once done by Dante, Hesse, and Goethe... It feels like I've been writing all my life. Although great work has already been done, still, there is more ahead. There is a need to know a lot of things. And what is more important is... ... The most important is how I will do it, how I do it. What depth of work!
Surikov Andrey
Project author
About the project
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Lili Dupre. On the verge of reality.

The basis of the project is a book called «Lili Dupre. On the verge of reality.». But the works are divided into three parts, each of which supports each other:

Creating a literary work
Painting based on the plot of the book
Video and photo shooting, design of objects from the book
This is one global idea covering all aspects of creative thought. The idea maximally reveals the notion of «Imagination Game».
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Every word is excruciating creativity, the greatest depth of your soul. It feels like the weight of that depth and the space of the abyss which hangs over you is about to be crushed and torn apart. But isn't that what true creativity is? Like the light and darkness... happiness and pain... Such a contradiction, yet one can't be in existence without the other... Isn't that so?
Revision 1. Familiarization.
The original language is Russian.
Over 330'000 characters ...
Part 1.
Part 1.
The birth and growth of Lili Dupre
P.S. The book is divided into four parts. The last three are dreams, independent stories. The original language is Russian. But the book will be translated into at least two more languages.
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Here, look at these artworks of mine... There was a time when I asked myself this question: — Could I ever be like Leonardo, Botticelli, Caravaggio?.. Yes, just like this: take some brushes, oil paint and do something even without any formal training!.. Several years ago I summoned the courage and gave it a try, after I had visited more than 140 museums in the world: France, Germany, Austria, and Russia... And then I began to draw to this level of art... Incredible, isn't it?.. But indeed it was a huge dedication to hard work.
Salvation of
Lili Dupre
Canvas, oil. 150x90cm
Idea: Titan (a certain deity) saves Lili in a trap between two worlds. «Shadows» personify the vices of humanity: lies, self-interest, hypocrisy...
In the plot it is practically the end of the story. It is completely logical. But that's not all.
Canvas, oil. 60x80cm
The idea: a woman is like a flower...
«When I paint flowers, peace comes to my soul»
Auguste Renoir
Love, birth,
new life
Canvas, oil. 90x130cm
This is not a portrait, but a kind of reflection on love and life in general. Each circle makes sense: love, birth, new life (language — Sanskrit).
«Nature is not necessary to decorate. But you need to feel its essence and free from accidents.»
Isaac Levitan
Canvas, oil. 60x80cm
Little Lili. At the beginning of the book her name was Sophie. But then, according to the plot, she comes up with various names for herself. In the final — this is Lili Dupre.
«Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply to necessary to love»
Claude Monet
Assistance to the project
Design & photo
To emphasize my own thought, as an author, its depth, I photograph the plots and create advertising images that underlie the story. I believe that images should be as real as possible.
In this work, I tried to create a standard for universal women’s perfumes, which would form the basis of a large series of works. I took the shooting scenario directly from the plot of the book: Mariel (Lili) to get acquainted with Thibault and from that moment they are together until the end of the story. Understanding that they are destined for ball (in honor of the exhibition of paintings by Claude Manet) in the house of Count Francois de Orleans.
Some compare the design with the Art Deco style. I would not be so categorical, but there is something in it.

P.S. Locations in the gallery Alexander Shilov.

Favorite as an image. Favorite — like a flower.
Inspired by the awakening of nature from a dream, I found a suitable form — lily of the valley. There is nothing more beautiful and natural than lily of the valley in early spring.
Women love flowers. They themselves are like flowers.
Assistance to the project
Project support
In order to do such a great job, especially when one is doing everything by himself: (painting, writing, making photo projects), a lot of money is needed. Often, this money is needed to pay for traveling expenses to countries where the plots take place. Money is also needed to pay people whose work I need to bring my projects to reality.

Please, help me to finish this hyper-scale job! Thank you in advance!

Collected donation:
Last update: 20.05.2019    (update every week)
2 510 $
95 000 $
What will happen:
editorial correction, correction of errors;
more than 20 paintings;
one book: «Lily Dupre. On the verge of reality. »;
preparation for translation into two additional languages;
mathematical research in the field of physics for new discoveries;
book support in the media, PR;
preparation for exhibitions, presentations ...
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Surikov Andrey
Project author
Hello! I am Surikov Andrey, designer and art-director in my studio — (location: New York, Moscow and Hamburg). In 2003 I graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University.

I combine competencies from strategy, technology, storytelling and design to equip a brand with the best interactive game and content in the new world.

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